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NAI Asia Pacific Properties Hosts Golf Tournament at Acclaimed Shanghai Tomson Golf Course


NAI APP Hosts Golf Tournament Gong kicks off, down the fairway
From left: Charles Rochester, Robert Gong, Frank Zhang, Tim McLellan


NAI Asia Pacific Properties was proud to host its second Golf Invitational of 2010, jointly organized and co-sponsored with Plainvim International on Saturday, 19 June 2010. The tournament was a tremendous success and was held at the esteemed Tomson Pudong Golf Course - an outstanding venue and ranked as one of the top 3 courses in Shanghai.

Designed to be a more personal outing, the event was limited to 12 people and was quickly fully subscribed. Those participating included the senior management from Dover Corporation, Emerson, Honeywell, Morgan Stanley, Praxair, Preferred Freezer, Schneider Electric and Unilever.

It was an exceptionally beautiful day with many dramatic (and amusing) moments. We ended the day with an informal awards ceremony and a relaxed barbeque on the clubhouse terrace overlooking the course. Tim McLellan, International Managing Director of Preferred Freezer) was awarded first place. Congratulations Tim!

We would like to extend a special thank you to Kenneth Rhee (Executive Director, Morgan Stanley) for his help in securing the venue, and to Peter Mok, President of Plainvim International, our co-organizers for the event. We look forward to continuing to host similar events on a regular basis.



Cao Ping
Charles Rochester
Frank Zhang
John Yen
Kenneth Rhee
Minda Ho
Patrick Tham
Peter Mok
Robert Gong
Roland Burton
Shirley Li
Tim McLellan
Director, Development
VP, Asia Pacific
Manager, Asia
President, Asia
Executive Director, Investment
Global VP
President, Asia
Director, China
Managing Director
Schneider Electric
Branson / Emerson
Morgan Stanley
Recruit China
Plainvim International
Ridge Tools / Emerson
NAI Asia Pacific Properties
Plainvim International
Preferred Freezer


Event Gallery

Tham's thoughtful approach Yen goes for a long putt
Tham considers the lie while Yen finishes the hole Zhang making a difficult chip
Tham tees-up for a monster drive Yen, mid-drive!
Surrounded by sand! Team shot by the lake.
From left: Patrick Tham, John Yen, Roland Burton, Michael Zhang
Relaxing at the BBQ!
From left: Kenneth Rhee, John Yen, Cao Ping, Minda Ho

Thanks for a great day
First row from left: Robert Gong, Patrick Tham, Roland Burton
Second row from left: Shirley Li, Peter Mok, Charles Rochester, Tim McLellan




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