Chung Yeung Festival


Also known as the Double Ninth Festival, Double Yang Festival or Autumn Remembrance, this is a traditional Chinese Holiday celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Lunar calendar. Similar to Spring’s Ching Ming Festival, Chung Yeung has become a day of remembrance when families journey to their ancestors' graves to perform cleansing rites, pay their respects and share a meal. Taking advantage of the cooler weather, many also take the opportunity to trek along HK's soothing hiking trails.

This year’s Chung Yeung Festival will occur on Saturday 28 October 2017.


Legend of Chung Yeung

Chung Yeung commemorates a legend from the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD). According to lore, a soothsayer advised his apprentice, Woon King, to remove his family from their village and retreat to a high place for the entire ninth day of the ninth moon. Woon King heeded his advice and after safely passing the night on high, the family returned to the village only to find every inhabitant mysteriously slain.


Chung Yeung legendOrigins & Traditions of Chung Yeung

According to the I Ching, the number nine is a yang number thus making the ninth day of the ninth month, or double yang, a potentially dangerous date. To protect against this danger, it is customary to climb a high mountain, drink chrysanthemum wine and wear the zhuyu plant— as both the wine and plant are considered to have cleansing qualities. These traditions have continued to the present day. Rice cakes containing colorful flags representing zhuyu are consumed and many still head to the mountains, the traditional Chinese burial grounds, as an ode to their ancestors passed.

Though it started as a day to drive away danger, it has gradually metamorphosed into a day of celebration, an occasion resembling that of the Ching Ming Festival (the official Day of Remembrance).


Lantau IslandHong Kong Hikes

Hong Kong's 23 protected country parks are home to many of the region's most scenic displays of nature. With 4 major hiking trails and a multitude of smaller 'one hour' hikes within close proximity of urban areas, the city offers a wide-range of hiking options. Below are key trails on which you can breathe in some fresh air while simultaneously enjoying picture-perfect views of our beautiful city.


  The Peak Circle Walk - Hong Kong Island
  Difficulty Easy
  Length / Hiking Time 3.5 km / 1.5 hours


A pleasant walk that provides a great introduction to Hong Kong's many hikes. Situated a short journey from Central, the individual will be amazed by the tranquil environment that magically appears minutes into this walk. Panoramic city & harbor views can be admired on a clear day.


  Dragon's Back - Hong Kong Island
  Difficulty Moderate
  Length / Hiking Time 4.5 km / 2-2.5 hours


The famous trail meanders through lush greenery and over majestic hills, providing stunning views of coastline and distant islands alongside the sing-song melodies of the country park's native birds. The path conveniently ends in Shek O, where restaurants and one of HK's favorite beaches await the deserving individual.


  Bride's Pool - Eastern New Territories
  Difficulty Easy
  Length / Hiking Time 0.8 km / 45 minutes


The Bride's Pool receives its name from urban legend, the story of a young bride who was swept away and drowned after tumbling into a ravine. It is said that she occasionally reappears to comb her hair in the reflection of the pool. With beautiful waterfalls set amidst the backdrop of steep ravines in northeastern New Territories, the individual is bound to return again & again.


  Lamma Island - Outlying Island
  Difficulty Easy
  Length / Hiking Time 6 km / 2 hours


A quick 40-minute ferry ride from the city, Lamma Island's idyllic walks, unique ambience and seafood dining make it a favorite place amongst locals and tourists alike. While you walk you can also treat yourself to a refreshing sampling of HK's famous homemade bean curd dessert.


  Cheung Chau - Outlying Island
  Difficulty Moderate
  Length / Hiking Time 7.5 km / 3 hours


As the most densely populated outlying island, Cheung Chau offers the individual a tempting 'menu' of possibilities that range from temples to beaches to winding footpaths. Crossing over hills, headlands & coastline, these trails allow the individual to experience & enjoy the different altitudes of Hong Kong.


For more detailed information about these hikes and other hikes in Hong Kong, please click here.


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