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APP Mobility’s acclaimed employee-transfer model emphasizes multi-cultural understanding, cost-effectiveness and individual well-being – all in the service of greater productivity.


The model starts with APP Mobility’s invaluable strategic consulting on employee relocations in – and out of – Asia. From there, at the beginning of each assignment, Asia’s leading real estate and relocation company aligns its services with corporate guidelines to meet the specific needs of every relocating employee and his or her family, if applicable.


Whether your move is international, national or just across town – and whether it requires comprehensive relocation programs, real estate or both, APP Mobility is uniquely positioned to consult strategically and then offer the best, most comprehensive destination services in the world.


Here, on the right navigation bar, is an abbreviated list of APP Mobility’s comprehensive services, organized into different sub-pages. If you don’t see something you need, just let us know and we will happily add it to the mix.


Please note the services are listed in the order in which they typically are delivered. For example, an APP Mobility executive will contact the transferring employee well before arrival to ascertain the family’s personal needs for all services related to immigration, schools, communities, housing, medical care, pets and more. In this way, we ensure that everyone – including the dog! – can make a smooth, productive transition to their new environs, that everyone can hit the ground running.


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