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Orientation & Settling In

APP Mobility understands that living in a new and different culture can be either exhilarating or frustrating, depending on one’s introduction to it. Our team of multi-lingual relocation consultants works diligently to help families understand and adapt to their new surroundings; it’s all part of our commitment to their long-term success. Our comprehensive services include:  


  • Contacting relocating employee before arrival for information on specific family requirements such as religious observance, medical services, sporting activities, etc.;

  • Orienting employee and family on living in Asia, touching on everything from local history to geography, culture, life style, health care, personal security, business resources and more;

  • Facilitating transition to local residency by assisting with required transactions such as securing a government ID, opening a bank account, getting a local phone number, purchasing a general-use debit card and buying or renting furniture, among others;

  • Acquainting employee and family with permanent housing options, residential districts and infrastructure including public and private transportation, markets, grocery stores, gyms, general shopping, houses of worship, restaurants, cafes, night life, private clubs and more.

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