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Industrial Building for Sale

Grade A 10,000 sqm single-story workshop with an attached warehouse and office available for sale in Tiexi District, Shenyang.


  • Prime location in the city’s main industrial zone and approximately less than a ten minute walk to the metro station;

  • Independent compound with 7,000 sqm of vacant land and ample space for parking and maneuvering trucks;

  • Repositioning opportunity to convert the building to a warehouse as the entire workshop is raised 1.2 meters and

  • A Fortune 500 owner who developed the site to a US-listed company standard.   

Industrial Space For Lease

High quality, single-story industrial property 

Baoshan, Shanghai

  • Independent compound with five workshops and one office building;

  • Large outdoor storage and loading area and

  • Convenient access to three metro lines and downtown Shanghai.

Industrial Building For Lease

High-quality industrial property in outstanding Shanghai location
Pujiang Town, 
Minhang District


  • Rentable area about 3,866 sqm;

  • Rapidly developing area in one of the most accessible industrial parks in Shanghai;

  • Adjacent to main road and hotel and

  • A Fortune 500 company was the former tenant.

Industrial Workshops For Sale

Twenty-four single-story workshops Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Zone Songjiang, Shanghai Province


  • Designated “national-level” privately owned industrial park development;

  • Phase I completed in 2005; Phase II completed in 2008;

  • Existing gross floor area or GFA: 58,000 sqm and

  • 100% occupied; most tenants are international companies.

Workshop and Office For Lease

Pinghu Economic Development Zone 
Pinghu, Zhejiang Province

  • 4,167 sqm single-story workshop and  2,335 sqm three-story office building;

  • 8m ceiling height;

  • Natural gas pipe available; power capacity to suit your requirement and

  • Excellent access to port and highway to Shanghai.

Commercial Space For Sale

Multi-function commercial property 
Jinqiao, Central Business District, Shanghai

  • Two-story building connected with private internal staircase;

  • Rare opportunity to purchase on ground floor in this particular location and

  • Area developing into commercial hub.

SOLE AGENT - Office, Manufacturing and R&D Space
Immediately Available

High quality single-story industrial property
Zhuhai, Guangdong

  • 26,000 sqm of flexible and efficient world-class space with available turn-key options;

  • Ideal for offices, R&D and labs and

  • Excellent location in a designated “national-level” high-tech industrial development zone with government incentive programs.

Industrial Space for Sale

Wuhu Economic & Technological Development Zone 
Wuhu, Anhui Province

  • Total land size 50 mu or about 33,400 sqm;

  • 19,000 sqm single-floor workshop;

  • 7,000 sqm office and adjacent building and

  • Adjacent to Chery Headquarters and many other international automotive and automobile-component companies.

Workshop and Office for Lease

Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

  • 18,000 sqm on single floor;

  • 17.5m ceiling height and  six-ton, per sqm floor loading and

  • Twelve 100-ton and 50-ton cranes installed.

Industrial Land for Sale and Lease

Changshu Development Zone 
Changshu, Jiangsu Province

  • Total land size 60 mu or about 40,000 sqm;

  • 18,000 sqm single-floor workshop and office;

  • 14m ceiling height and 32-ton cranes;

  • High power supply and close to Changshu Port and

  • 32- and 20-ton cranes installed.

Industrial Land for Sale and Lease

Taicang, Suzhou

  • 45 mu or about 30,000 sqm;

  • 12,000 sqm single-floor workshop completed;

  • Additional 16,000 sqm can be built on 23 mu or about 15,300 sqm of vacant land and

  • Good transportation and easy access to Shanghai.

Workshop and Office Lease

Songjiang Industrial Zone – BTS or Build-to-Suit

Songjiang, Shanghai

  • 10,000 sqm single-story workshop with office;

  • Planning approved for immediate construction;

  • Six months estimated construction time and

  • Outstanding location.

Workshop and Office Lease

Songjiang, Shanghai

  • 3,432sqm – 6,864sqm workshop and office;

  • Rare single-story building in this particular location;

  • Near highway exit, about a twenty-minute drive to Hongqiao transportation hub.

Industrial Space for Sale

Jiangning Development Zone
Jiangning, Nanjing

  • 38 to 244 mu or about 25,000 to 160,000 sqm;

  • 12,000 sqm single-floor workshop completed;

  • “Second-hand” land, meaning purchase does not require public auction and

  • Available for immediate purchase.

Workshop and Office for Sale and Lease

Jiangyin, Wuxi 
Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

  • 7,000 sqm single-story workshop and  3,600 sqm office building ;

  • 20m ceiling height;

  • Twenty, fifty and sixty-ton cranes installed and

  • Excellent access to port and highway to Shanghai.

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